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Byline: Charles F. Bostwick Staff Writer

LANCASTER - A spokesman for the animal-rights organization PETA has called on District Attorney Steve Cooley to prosecute - ``to the fullest extent of the law'' - 21 men caught read more...

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Real Money Gaming: The Next Billion Dollar Opportunityh

If online gambling laws continue to be relaxed across the United States, it could represent a massive opportunity for entrepreneurs and investors.

Market size

Offline gambling is a massive market with validated demand, and many beli read more...

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Abang in the middle and upper Kapuas: additional evidence.

In his recent paper on the abang honorific (denoting royal blood

for men) among Sarawak and Sadong Malays, Bob Reece (n.d.) contends that

its use most likely originated in pre-Islamic West Borneo as a new class

of leaders aros

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Kekejaman terhadap hewan | Buzzle.com

There are different animal sports which come beneath the term blood sport and in this article we are likely to discuss why such sports needs in order to be banned...

Information upon Animal Cruelty

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